PM Academy

Project Manager Academy

This is a 15 hour series of courses that will cover:


Estimating & Costing Principles 
This course outlines the basic concepts for preparing and organizing an estimate for commercial construction. This class is designed for individuals interested pursuing a career as an estimator or project manager as well as those interested in broadening their knowledge in commercial estimating. Topics to include:
• Estimating the cost of General Conditions
• How to perform quantity take-offs
• How to use unit pricing and labor rates
• Evaluating subcontractor and supplier bids
• Organizing and developing a comprehensive estimate

Construction Planning & Scheduling 
Through examining practical construction considerations, this course emphasizes critical path planning and scheduling methods. Students will analyze common industry practices for planning multiple construction activities for commercial projects. The course will provide insight on how this element plays a significant role in the project’s overall duration and bottom line. Topics to include:
• Developing and communicating Construction schedules
• The Critical Path
• Diagram Scheduling / Time / Resource / Cost Interrelationships
• Schedule Monitoring
• The Construction Schedule as a part of the Contract Doc’s
• And more!

Project Cost Control
• Gain familiarity with the content of construction estimates
• Understand the importance of the estimating & take-off process and the role it plays in managing project cost
• Learn how to translate estimating information into a comprehensive construction budget
• Analyze how proper subcontractor evaluation and qualification increases the probability of successful project cost management
• Identify common reasons cost-over runs occur and what measures can be taken to prevent them
• Learn how to manage Risk & Loss Potential
• Discover techniques to properly manage multiple subcontractors and/or labor crews to control cost
• Become aware of various factors that may affect the project’s bottom line that may not be anticipated during the estimating process
• Learn how to use cost control data in change order pricing and negotiations

The Project Close-Out Process 
Learn proven methods to implement an Effective and Successful project closeout. Project close-out is the last phase in the construction process, but arguably one of the most important. Closing out projects has become a real challenge for many contractors. However, it remains a critical aspect of the construction process to ensure on-time and proper payment. Retainer payment often hinges on successful closeout – which generally amounts to most, if not all of the job’s profit. This class will explore effective ways to create and implement a logical process that will promote a complete close out. In this class, our instruction who has worked many years as an executive with an ENR top General Contractor, will take a deep dive into the following learning objects:
• Understanding Project Closeout – Start to Finish
• Maximizing Profit by implementing proper Close-out procedures
• Forecasting & Early Warnings
• Limiting Exposure to claims and reputation damage
• Software used to aid in proper close-out processes

Construction Claims, Changes and Dispute Resolution 
Learn how to avoid common construction claims as wells methods to prosecute and defend claims these claims when necessary. We will cover methods for proper documentation and record-keeping. Topics to include:
• Sources of conflict and dispute
• Dispute prevention
• Risk sharing
• Dispute resolution clauses
• Non-binding and binding dispute resolutions
• Change Orders

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