Save money

Save Money

ABC Members Save Money on Critical Business Services

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Member Only Insurance Programs

Critical Business Services

  • Verizon: 22% corporate cellular discount
  • Vehicle Purchases and Leases
  • Staples: Business Supplies
  • FedEx: Shipping Services
  • USB Payment Processing: Construction Advantage Program

Prevailing Wage Solutions

Move the Fringe Benefit Portion of Wages to a Bona Fide Plan.

  • Lower your payroll burden on Davis Bacon & prevailing wage jobs.
  • Eliminate FICA, FUTA, SUTA, general liability and workers’ comp costs on fringe portion of wages.
  • Fringe can be used to fund retirement (401K), health insurance, sick leave / paid time off, apprenticeship costs.
  • Typical savings are 5% of payroll burden.

Join the hundreds of ABC members who participate in these programs and are now more competitive on publicly funded projects and whose employees now have cumulatively millions of dollars in retirement savings!

ABC partners with both Fringe Benefit Group (FBG) and Beneco to provide the above solutions. 
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