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Education & Training

Oversees all aspects of the apprenticeship program, including School-to-Career, Craft Training, and Pre-Apprenticeship Programs.
Chair: Adam Hirsch, Hirsch Electric
Staff LiaisonChris Hadfield
Meeting Dates: Quarterly as needed

Legislative Council

Comprised of representatives from different Maryland chapters who meet in Annapolis to monitor, track, and influence legislation that affects the construction industry.
Chair: Mark McDaniel, NLP Enterprises, Inc.
Staff LiaisonMike Henderson
Meeting Date: Every Monday during the General
Assembly in Annapolis; otherwise every 2nd Monday of the month.

Project JumpStart Employer Advisory Committee

Group explores strategies and methods for building and strengthening the network of construction employers with the ultimate goal of connecting JumpStart graduates into meaningful, career-oriented jobs in the construction industry.
Staff LiaisonJimmy Stewart
Meeting date: Bi-monthly lunch meeting

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