Blueprint Reading

Blueprint Reading

Blueprint reading is a fundamental skill that should be mastered by all individuals pursuing a career in the construction industry. 

Introduction to Blueprint Reading

This class has been designed for individuals with little to no experience with reading blueprints and will help provide the foundation necessary to help individuals master this important skill.  Potential , students should be proficient with basic mathematics and have a basic understanding of commercial building components.
Topics to include, but not limited to the following:
• Types of Construction Drawings and their purpose
• Drawing Organization & Components
• Understanding floor plans, sections & elevations
• Identify and understanding the meaning of common symbols, notations and abbreviations found on plans

Advanced MEP Blueprint Reading – 3-Day Course

This series of classes focuses on construction drawing elements important to individuals specializing in the HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical trades. Commercial projects often consist of highly complex systems and components for the MEP trades.
Topics to include, but not limited to the following:
• Common Mechanical & Electrical Symbols and their meaning
• Abbreviations and terminology used on MEP Plans
• Understanding design intent through interpreting MEP plans, sections and details
• Understanding and gathering pertinent information from specifications

Advanced Structural Blueprint Reading

The advanced Structural class will be a continuation of the Introductory class and will take a focused and deep dive into the structural drawings and related technical specifications. Focus of this class will be to review Concrete and Structural Steel System as the primary building structure.

Advanced Architectural Blueprint Reading

The advanced Architectural class will be a continuation of the Introductory class and will take a focused and deep dive into the architectural drawings and related technical specifications. The differences between Master Format and Uniformat will be discussed. Basic symbol identification will also be reviewed.

Advanced Site / Civil Blueprint Reading

This course will expand on a basic understanding of how site construction works by learning how to read civil plans. Learn how these plans influence how a job will be constructed and how to identify issues before construction. This course will cover the following:
• Learn the basic elements that make up a civil plan set, including utilities.
• Talk about the standard layout and notations of different civil disciplines.
• Practice interacting with a civil plan set to find and interpret various plans, notes, and details.
• Learn how to combine basic information from other plan types with civil plans for a broader understanding of how the site will be constructed.

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